There are certain cities in the United States where hikers can enjoy solitude and unspoiled wilderness by day and world-class urban amenities by night. Base Camp Guides is the home base for the books that Imbrifex Books will publish about these Base Camp cities. Base Camp Las Vegas: 101 Hikes in the Southwest, by Deborah Wall, is the first in the series, it was published on August 8, 2017. Base Camp Denver: 101 Hikes in the Front Range , written by Pete KJ will be in bookstores and online wherever fine books are sold on April 2, 2019.

Imbrifex Books is the site’s publisher. BaseCampGuides.com runs on WordPress and was built by Jesse Keyes, using the Sparkling Theme. Web page design by Sue Campbell. All photos on this site were taken by and are the property of Deborah Wall, Pete KJ or Mark Sedenquist unless otherwise identified. All rights reserved.

Imbrifex Books is the publisher who is producing these titles and they expect to publish at least nine more of the Base Camp Hiking guides over the next few years. Check back here often for brand new articles from the expert Base Camp hiking authors for insider tips about hikes within a couple hours of both Denver and Las Vegas. If you are an author who is interested in writing a similar book, please contact the publisher here.